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Try this as Youtube video search box, just enter a few first letters of the artist of video title and you'll see.
Search doesn't return your video? Try copy video link from Youtube page (use share button) and bring it here.
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How to save Youtube video to mp4, mp3 format and download file?

  • STEP 1: use search box to type in video title or artist name and find video on Youtube that you want to download as mp4 or mp3 file
  • STEP 2: search works for Youtube only, for other sites you need to copy video URL to clipboard, paste into searchbox and hit download button
  • STEP 3: wait for download options to show up, select the one you want and download video to mp4. For mp3 converter click mp3 option.
  • Savevid helps save Youtube videos

    Savevid knows Youtube the best. Savevid can help users download Youtube videos to all possible formats and quality options. HD, 1080p, 2k, 4k, 8k, - you know it, Savevid can do it. Save videos from Youtube platform to your laptop or smartphone, it's fast and easy to do. Make sure this happens on free WiFi, as downloads are fast and your monthly data transfer will get used up fast for video downloads if WiFi is not available. If you need something fresh, try the top 20 musi videos we've put together from what's trending on Youtube. For different language versions of this site - top 20 videos change; so feel free to explore what is hot in other countries and even across the oceans. There's of course the safe and untraceable Youtube search included, just type something in the searchbox above and our suggestions will follow, select one of them and see search results. Or type in your unique search quert and hit download button to initiate special search. There are many awesome features, take a look!

    Download Youtube to mp4

    Savevid's main feature is helping people all over the world download videos from Youtube to watch later offline. Savevid does it good, give this site a try!

    Download Youtube to mp3

    Convert Youtube videos to mp3. Download free music from Youtube, Savevid can work with 1 video or whole playlist. Youtube has fresh music there first, really.

    Download and save Youtube to mp3

    Try Savevid if you're looking for Youtube to mp3 converter. Savevid will help with all your video to audio extractions and conversions. Savevid adds video thumbnail to make mp3 more distinct, easier to find in your vast music library after download. Savevid will also add artist name and song title to mp3 metadata via ID tags, so you can simply search your library and find freshly downloaded mp3s easily. Savevid can also convert to mp3 videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Youtube, Reddit, etc.

    Install Savevid web app

    Add to Home Screen

    Try Savevid web-based ap for Android or Windows devices. It works best when installed via prompt from your browser to install the webapp. Or you can also click the link in bottom right corner, the one offering to get the free app. Say yes to browser's question on the installation, and enjoy Savevid as a separate app on your Android phone or Windows based laptopr or desktop. No apple or firefox support, we sorry! Click the button above to start the installation process.

    Savevid with bookmarklet

    Download Mp4

    For desktop or laptop users that enjoy Savevid, there's an awesome button that can work from your browser's bookmarks, it's not an app, just an enchanced bookmark, which is also called shortcut. Drag and drop it to your bookmarks in any browser. Then open Youtube, start playing some video and click the bookmark. You will see how options to download will show up in new tab, just give it a moment. It's a cool shortcut, it helps save time while using Savevid by skipping the video URL copy and paste steps..